Andrew Glass

The abstract work of California-based artist Andrew Glass balances color and pattern with a desire to “invent history.” Many of his pieces are created by sawing apart and rearranging painted panels. The final product synthesizes organic and inorganic shapes with measured lines of pigment, composing a unique history to be excavated by the viewer. Inspired by Grammatologist Jacques Derrida, Glass breaks apart the language of his paintings, reducing the works to the lowest denominator to explore their meaning. In his process he uses several power tools, deconstructing not just his paintings but art history itself.

Andrew Glass draws his inspiration from both natural and man-made elements: from the jagged rocks of the desert landscape and the geometry of a city street. Glass was born in Michigan and now lives and works in Malibu, California.


Michigan 1967


Pitzer College, Member of the Claremont Colleges, Claremont, California, B.A. Fine Art. English

Current Residence:

Andrew lives and works in Southern California.